Launch a Branded Mobile App to Engage CustomersToday, launching a branded mobile app seems like an obvious choice for organizations that want to engage customers.  As of January 2014, 58% of U.S. adults owned a smartphone and 42% owned a tablet. Over 86% of mobile user’s time is spent in apps, according to Flurry.  So, if your organization is not offering a branded mobile app, you are not taking advantage of one of the most powerful tools of customer engagement.

User Experience is King

In order to make the most of your branded mobile app, strive to deliver a smooth user experience. The MobileSmith app offers a simple interface and easy navigation, which makes an abundant volume of content easy to search and digest.  Company info, product offerings, customer app profiles, team profiles, blog and newsletter feed – everything is accessible within two clicks of the main menu. Keeping the initial menu attractive and uncluttered, while maintaining ease of use, throughout the app, will help enhance the credibility of your business for your customers.

Entertain = Retain

Continuously updated, quality content is the best way to entice your app users into coming back. Users are much more likely to return to your app if they routinely find something new that interests them. Consider adding a feed to your company blog, newsletter, streaming video or other rich content.  Ensure that it is properly formatted and easily accessible.  Consider adding content-enabled gamification, augmented reality, or music to make your branded mobile app fun for your consumers. Do not forget to inform your users as well.  Present your product and functionality; best practices and tips; any special deals, as well as proximity-based messaging using geofencing and beacons.

Communication is Key

Even if you offer compelling content and comprehensive product information in your app, your users will still have questions and will want to provide feedback.  Use your branded mobile app as a two-way communication portal.  Allow your app users to request information or a demo; or to easily give feedback. From the MobileSmith app, users can tap-to-call and tap-to-email, as well as request a demo.  We have added team profiles and a weekly featured customer use case to add a human touch to our app.

Launch Your Branded Mobile App Today!

With the MobileSmith platform, you can quickly create and launch an app for your brand with all the above features.  Build a custom UI for iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphones, without coding or hiring costly developers.  You can submit your app to Apple and Android app stores, or simply offer your customers a link to download the app directly from the MobileSmith platform to their mobile devices.  Want to see how it works? Download the MobileSmith app now!