Introducing Hospital App Blueprints

A suite of prebuilt and proven health apps laser-focused on generating measurable ROI for hospitals and healthcare systems.  No coding required! 

Reduce ED Crowding; Improve Patient Experience

ER/Urgent Care App

  • Provide wait time transparency
  • Raise awareness about alternative urgent care options
  • Divert low-acuity patients to UC centers
  • Provide a controlled channel for immediate feedback
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Drive Patient Volume for Service Lines & Activate Patients

Patient Engagement Apps

Launching a new program, or expanding your facility? Drive patient volume with efficient patient engagement apps:

  • Bariatric Program app
  • Birth Center app
  • Wellness Center app
  • Cancer Center app
  • and more!
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Improve Adherence, Care Coordination, and Population Health

Chronic Disease Management

Launch targeted, condition-specific apps to engage, activate, and educate various groups of patients:

  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Heart Health
  • and more!
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Engage Physicians & Facilitate Referrals to your Health System

Physician Referral & Engagement

Engage your physicians and reduce referral leakage with customized, dynamic physician-facing apps:

  • One-tap referrals
  • Dynamic directory
  • Enhanced MD profiles
  • And more!
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Reduce Emergency Room Overcrowding & Improve the Patient Experience

hospital wayfinding app

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urgent care app blueprint

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Drive Patient Volume for Service Lines and Activate Patients

pregnancy app blueprint

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weight loss surgery app

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  • [table-cell id=12 cell=I15][table-cell id=12 cell=I16]
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Improve Adherence, Care Coordination, and Population Health

hip replacement app

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diabetes app

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copd app

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tonsillectomy app

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  • [table-cell id=12 cell=B15][table-cell id=12 cell=B16]
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colonoscopy app blueprint

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  • [table-cell id=12 cell=C15][table-cell id=12 cell=C16]
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Engage Physicians & Facilitate Referrals to your Health System

patient referral app

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Our Commitment to HIPAA Compliance


MobileSmith is committed to delivering secure mobile applications for hospitals and healthcare organizations in ways that will not result in increased risks related to compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our claim is supported by nGuard (, an information security services firm that provides exceptional security services to companies across multiple industries. Following a thorough analysis of our policies and information systems, nGuard has certified that our technology provides a secure solution to our healthcare customers and their end users.

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