Top 3 Mobile Messaging Strategies for Black Friday

It’s Budgeting Time – The Best Mobile App Ideas to Pitch

It’s time to present that awesome mobile app idea you’ve been thinking of, so it may not be a surprise that technology is at the forefront of IT teams and marketers’ agendas.  According to a recent Forrester report, 55 percent of customers expect companies to have a mobile app.   Business technology […]

Weekly Mobile Scoop 11-11-15: Apple Watch or Pavlov’s Watch?

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Mobile Health
Apple Watch or Pavlov’s Watch? – Can Mobile Healthcare Transform Patients?
Mobile healthcare apps are causing a Pavlovian-like response for many with wearables, but are these apps really effective for long term success? In our latest blog, we’ll explore the current dialogue:

Mobile Stats
Survey: Half of All […]

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Apple Watch or Pavlov’s Watch? – Can Mobile Healthcare Transform Patients?

Wearables like the Apple Watch have about as much power over your behavior as you allow them. If you have ever tried mobile healthcare apps, you might continue to ignore alerts, disable notifications, or just ditch the app altogether – it’s all based on personal choice.

A recent study from Duke […]

How to Create Enterprise Mobile Apps on a Budget

Enterprise mobile apps are slowly being introduced to employees after countless development hours, over-budgeting, and whats happening?  According to a recent report, 45 percent of end-users in the enterprise still think the final product is too complicated to use despite the huge investment.

The fact of the matter is, enterprise mobile apps don’t have […]

No Body Wants a Zombie App – Creating Mobile Apps That Get Used

Scared at the thought of mobile app development?  You might be thinking, I need to hire developers, spend a lot of time and money making sure everything is perfect, and hope that the final product is actually used –  What usually ends up happening is your beautiful mobile app turns into a […]

Kansas Athletics Releases Sports Nutrition App with MobileSmith

RALEIGH, NC, October 14, 2015 – The University of Kansas Athletics Department has released Jayhawk Fuel, an innovative sports nutrition app for student-athletes and fans to monitor nutrition, and was created code-free in just a few weeks with the MobileSmith platform.

Jayhawk Fuel helps KU athletes stay in great shape with interactive […]

Long Wait Times?  Improve Patient Satisfaction Using a Wait Time App

Waiting for appointments costs patients on average 43 dollars in lost time for each medical visit according to a study from Harvard Medical School — more than the average out-of-pocket cost of 32 dollars.  That’s where wait time apps come into play – and more and more companies are turning to […]

Weekly Mobile Scoop 10-6-15: Workflow Apps for Scheduling

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Mobile Enterprise
Streamline Appointment Setting with a Simple Workflow App
Have an outdated, cumbersome workflow that isn’t making your life more efficient, but don’t know what to do about it? For common processes like appointment-setting, things can get messy when systems aren’t ready for mobile. Here’s how to link […]

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How to Streamline Appointment Setting with a Simple Workflow App

Does your company have an existing workflow that needs to be updated, or improved?  Could an efficient mobile app pick up the slack where traditional processes and systems are too cumbersome and outdated?  According to a CDW survey, 46 percent of businesses with a custom-built workflow app reported increased efficiency as the greatest benefit, followed […]