Weekly Mobile Scoop 2-3-16: Increase Patient Loyalty with mHealth Apps

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Mobile Strategy
Increasing Patient Loyalty with Mobile Apps
With healthcare systems constantly fighting to not only win patients, but keep patients loyal, what’s an innovative way to stand out?  Take a look at 3 mHealth tips to increase patient loyalty using mobile apps:

Mobile Brands
Is a Brand Without an App […]

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3 mHealth Tips to Increase Patient Loyalty

Patients are becoming increasingly mobile, but is your healthcare brand doing enough to increase patient loyalty in a mobile world?  According to Google, 44 percent of patients are using mobile devices to discover hospitals, and with so many competing healthcare brands, loyalty is a major challenge outside of getting discovered.  One way to […]

Solving the Patient Demographics Puzzle Using Mobile Apps

Engaging with patients can be a challenge for providers, with many asking themselves if their strategy is really addressing the needs of specific patient groups.  If you’re thinking about this audience, first consider the patient demographics challenge in healthcare.

From a recent AHA survey of 1,400 healthcare professionals, only 56 percent agree that […]

Do Citizens Need Better Government Mobile Apps?

We all love mobile apps that make our lives a little bit easier, but what if there were more local, state, or federal government apps that were actually helpful to us as citizens?  In 2010, there were only seventeen federal mobile apps available to download.  That number has now increased to a […]

Weekly Mobile Scoop 12-30-15: Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2016

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Mobile Trends
Mobile App Trends to Watch in 2016
2015 is leaving healthcare providers with challenges and questions to address in the new year – from getting started with mobile apps to addressing new wearables on the market. Here’s 3 mobile app trends poised to continue in 2016:

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Mobile App Trends in Healthcare – What to Watch in 2016

From wearables like the Apple Watch to iOS 9, our world has been inundated with new devices and OS updates as 2015 comes to a close.  Which mobile app trends will continue in 2016 and what should you watch out for?

Here’s a quick recap and preview for the new year:

Wearables and the Apple Watch

2015 could be […]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop 12-16-15: Increase Patient Retention with Mobile Apps

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Mobile Health
How to Increase Patient Retention with Mobile Apps
Keeping patients is an ongoing challenge in healthcare, so what are a few ways you can differentiate from competitors and stand out to customers? Check out four ways mobile apps can help increase patient retention:

Mobile Awards
MobileSmith Customer […]

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Are You Mobile First? What It Could Mean for your Brand

If you’re like many, a “mobile first” strategy hasn’t been a focus historically – resources have already been spent on your website and mobile apps have been placed on the back burner.  The reality is, many people won’t even discover your feature-packed website from a desktop.  About 62 percent of digital media is accessed from a smartphone, […]

Platform Release – December 3, 2015

We hope you are enjoying the new look and feel of the MobileSmith login page!  Take a look at some of the other changes that have been made in the MobileSmith 4.2 release:
What’s Changed?

Rulers and Guides – To make it easy to align fields, images, and other elements we’ve added rulers […]

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