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How to Optimize Your Hospital IT Budget to Win at Mobile

hospital ITAs a healthcare leader, you need your hospital IT budget to meet the needs of a growing patient base.  The challenge is that implementing new technology – like mobile apps – can be expensive.  A report by Premier indicates 72 percent of healthcare leaders surveyed say IT is already the largest financial investment for their hospital.

So what’s the alternative to bringing on expensive mobile developers?   Here are a few key ways to […]

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3 Reasons to Create a Mobile Center of Excellence

mobile center of excellence“Mobile Center of Excellence” – you may have heard the term, but what exactly is it, and why should your organization embrace it? Many companies understand the Mobile Center of Excellence as a sort of a bottleneck – a limited group of mobile experts, mostly IT professionals, who make all the decisions about a company’s mobile strategy. But who selects those experts, and […]

Weekly Mobile Scoop 4-28-16: Mobile Growth

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Mobile Enterprise

A Letter From the CEO: How is Your Company Responding to Mobile Growth?

Change is everywhere. Take the adoption of mobile devices, for example. Wearables and smartphones are changing the world, but how is your company responding? MobileSmith’s CEO Amir Elbaz shares his thoughts in our latest blog:


Mobile Webinars

Last Chance – Learn How to Build a […]

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Mobile Growth – How is Your Company Responding?

Amir Elbaz - Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerAmir Elbaz, CEO at MobileSmith:

As human beings we tend to hate change, and in many cases it invokes fear in us. Fear cannot be created nor destroyed, it is a deep human emotion. In many ways, technology has become this new canvas onto which our fears get painted on. With all the mobile growth and proliferation of wearable devices […]

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Webinar Wednesdays 5-11-16: New Knowledge Base and Ticketing System

In our latest webinar, we’ll discuss the new MobileSmith Knowledge Base, a go-to resource for any questions you have when building apps in the platform.  We’ll also dive into using our new ticketing system and how to use it.  Take a look at our Client Success Webinar Schedule for 2016, where we’ll discuss various topics and guide you through using the MobileSmith platform every other Wednesday.  We’ll also make these recordings […]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop 4-19-16: Pregnancy App Webinar

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Mobile Webinars

Webinar: Building a Branded Pregnancy App

Today’s expectant mothers rely on their smartphones to search for pregnancy advice and manage their appointments. Can your healthcare brand capture these mobile moments? Join our webinar on Thursday, May 5, 1pm EST and learn how to build a branded pregnancy app for your organization so that you can efficiently engage and educate your patients:

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Limited Spots Remaining for MobileSmith Certification May 2-5

Don’t miss your opportunity to become a certified MobileSmith app expert! We have limited spots remaining for our New Jersey session which will take place May 2-5 at the APA Hotel Woodbridge in Iselin, NJ.  Other dates also available.  Sign up today!

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Weekly Mobile Scoop 4-13-16: App Design Tips

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Mobile Design

Mobile App Design Tips to Boost Discoverability

Setting yourself up for a great first impression begins well before an app hits the stores.  Here’s a few mobile app design tips aimed to help increase discoverability, usability, and the potential for your app to go viral:


Mobile Marketing

7 Cool Use Cases for App Marketing Automation

Delivering personalization to users is happening in a variety of ways […]

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Mobile App Design Tips to Boost Discoverability

App Design TipsYou need to create awesome mobile apps that solve a problem, so is design really that important? A report by Kissmetrics suggests that people make judgments about a product in a little over a minute – and what factor plays the biggest role 90 percent of the time? Color.  Not just color, but several other elements are just as important for establishing a first impression.

Here’s a few […]

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3 Patient Education Barriers Mobile Apps Can Overcome

patient educationPromoting your healthcare brand is a constant priority, so wouldn’t it be great if you could tackle patient education at the same time? According to statista, patients only spend around 15 minutes with doctors per visit, with limited time to discuss why they should do X, and reasons to avoid Y.

Based on my own experience, physicians usually provide a brief overview of the […]

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