Mobile App Ideas to PitchIt’s time to present that awesome mobile app idea you’ve been thinking of, so it may not be a surprise that technology is at the forefront of IT teams and marketers’ agendas.  According to a recent Forrester report, 55 percent of customers expect companies to have a mobile app.   Business technology expenditures are also expected to increase nearly 10 percent in 2016, with a focus being on technologies that win, serve, and retain customers.  Getting smart about what mobile app ideas are logical is crucial to submitting a winning idea.  Here’s what to consider:

Cutting to the Chase: 3 Practical Use Cases to Consider:

1. Contact InformationTap To Call

It sounds pretty obvious, but one advantage to having contact information built into your app is that it saves users time.  Instead of Googling hours, addresses, or phone numbers, having all of this information right on your very own branded mobile app makes it easy for customers to locate the person they need to get in contact with.

Easy features to add:

  • Tap to call
  • Addresses with mapping
  • Ability to use forms

 2. Directories

If you’ve ever tried to locate a phone number, address, or specific profile information on-the-fly, it’s not always a simple process.  Many CRM’s, for example, aren’t all that mobile-friendly, especially if you’re only looking for contact information.  That’s where having this data displayed in a mobile app comes into play.

Baptist Medical Group – Physician DirectoryTo set up a directory hierarchy, simply use REST.  For content that needs to be updated, REST Services is great, since any changes made to your database will automatically be updated in your mobile app.

How it Works:

  • locate your REST URLs
  • Use MobileSmith’s REST wizard to set everything up

3. Maps

Adding easy-to-use campus maps is a great idea for large enterprises.  For indoor wayfinding, MobileSmith has partnered with Gimbal to provide beacon technology for your mobile apps.  After strategically placing beacons inside your facility, users will receive push messages instructing them where to go!

 What’s the Next Step?

Proposing app development projects to your IT team is a great way to get started.  Anyone can use the MobileSmith platform, including non-developers like graphic designers, marketers, or anyone with a creative app idea.  For more information on coming up with winning mobile app ideas, view our popular eBook:


Making Your Own Mobile Apps – a Marketer’s Handbook