Over the years we’ve gathered around our televisions to witness iconic moments of singular and collaborative greatness, gold, and glory. Who is going to be on the Wheaties box tomorrow morning? Who will capture the world’s heart? Somehow the summer Olympics seem most special. The summer Olympics gives us a chance to see our heroes up close and personal. Witnessing history in real-time is magic. Swimming, running, jumping—we all understand those events. There is something for everyone. With increased access to customizable real-time data coverage, we have more control over the Olympic coverage we consume.

In a recent poll by Velti, results show that 40 percent of those following this year’s Olympics will do so streaming coverage via mobile. Velti also found that 35 percent of adults in the U.S. plan on using their tablet for Olympic updates and coverage, while 27 percent will use their Smartphones. No matter your time zone or location, you can watch your favorite Olympic events whenever it’s convenient for you.

BBC has released the BBC Olympics (free) app, giving users a text-based rundown of the current events, including commentaries and a regularly updated medals table for each country. The BBC Olympics app also uses your actual location to target specific news coverage to where you are accessing their app.

NBC, the television network broadcasting most of the 2012 games, has launched their own app for cable subscribers. Like the BBC app, NBC Olympics gives users the opportunity to track results and schedules updated in real-time. The NBC Olympics app is more video-heavy, featuring live streaming video and a tracker that will keep you up to date on which athletes are trending on Twitter Just witnessing greatness isn’t enough. Now fans faithfully record these events via their mobile devices, posting their own personal accounts on their various social media profiles. (Some famous twitter handles include, @MichaelPhelps (Michael Phelps), @Usainbolt (Usain Bolt), and @J_Enis (Jessica Ennnis)). With 4.9 billion viewers worldwide with access to over 5,500 hours of Olympic events, the heightened awareness and engagement will be incredible.

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic games has released a pair of apps offering event schedules, information, maps, and a guide for tourists. Similar to the London Organising Committee app, the USA Olympic team has an app with team news, featured stories, and event schedules.With this being the first year all 32 sports are streamed live, you won’t have to miss a single event. Using your mobile device, you can be sure to catch all the replay action and video clips you want. You can be your own broadcaster, watching the interviews and highlights that most interest you.

What do you think is the most innovative app you’ve come across to follow the Olympics? Tell us in the comments.