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Are you Engaging your Bariatric Patients on Mobile?

Educate, activate, and guide patients throughout their journey with a customizable BARIATRIC APP


How Mobile Can Activate Bariatric Patients

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Acquire and Activate New Bariatric Patients

Bariatric App - Engage Your Patients

Drive New Bariatric Patient Acquisition

  • Introduce your Bariatric Center and the surgeons; feature 5-star patient reviews.
  • Offer to register for mandatory info-session; send automated reminders.
  • Encourage registrants to invite friends and share information.
  • Follow-up with more educational materials and quizzes.

Provide a safe, private space to learn more about bariatric surgery

  • Provide videos and interactive quizzes to meet the virtual info-session mandate.
  • Encourage patients to get in touch and obtain personalized consultation.

Prequalify Bariatric Surgery Candidates

  • Offer an interactive test to prequalify surgery candidates based on their BMI and other health measures; comorbid conditions; prior history of weight loss, etc.
  • Promote the mobile prequalification test to drive more app downloads!
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Provide Pre-Op and Post-Op Guidance to Improve Surgery Outcomes

Provide Pre-Op and Post-Op Guidance to Improve Surgery Outcomes

Reduce the Number of Failed Surgery Dates

  • Distribute the app during the initial consultation; drive 100% adoption!
  • Based on the tentative surgery date, send automated reminders and surgery prep tips.
  • Provide a gallery of healthy recipes to encourage healthy lifestyle before and after surgery.

Minimize the Rate of Complications by Enforcing Post-Op Adherence

Post-op adherence is crucial for the successful long-term outcome of bariatric surgery.  Instead of relying on a heap of brochures and other printed materials, make your app the go-to source of important information – available anytime, anywhere.  Leverage your mobile app to encourage your patients to

  • Track their weight loss
  • Track their nutrition
  • Ask their Dietitian questions
  • Share their progress, and more!
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How Your Branded Bariatric App Will be Created

How Your Branded Bariatric App Will be Created

  • Creating your app in the MobileSmith platform enables us to apply the agile methodology and ensure that your final app fully meets your expectations.
  • We start with a lean, focused set of functions based on our existing blueprint, and launch the initial version of your app in a matter of weeks.
  • Your group can test the prototype on real devices and provide immediate feedback on the workflow and user experience.
  • After launch, we track app analytics and polish the user experience to ensure success.
  • We train you to manage and update your app in real time – no need to resubmit/ re-download!

How to Launch a Great Bariatric Center App – Download Datasheet

Download the datasheet to learn more about your custom bariatric app - functionality, user engagement strategies, agile development, and more!

Download the datasheet to learn more about creating a custom bariatric app.  Explore functionality, user engagement strategies, and how to get started creating an agile mobile strategy by implementing MobileSmith across your service lines »

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