Back to school shopping isn’t just about pencils, backpacks or notebooks anymore. With the shift to mobile, families should consider spending just as much time back-to-school shopping in the app store as they do in the typical big box department stores. Whether child or parent, there are a wide array of apps that can help your family get prepared for this upcoming school year.

Amazon has launched its own back-to-school app called Amazon Student. The app has a range of capabilities and benefits, including the option for users to compare prices, buy and sell textbooks and view exclusive deals. Furthermore, when customers finish using certain textbooks they can use the Amazon Student app to scan the book’s bar code and see the potential trade-in price. Students can use this same feature to compare textbook prices on their semester’s syllabus by scanning the bar codes in their college bookstore. In addition, Amazon’s app offers an exclusive Amazon Student program, which offers added benefits like free two-day shipping.

More than just using your mobile device for shopping, children can download apps that will actually get them excited and prepared for their upcoming school year. Stack the States, just one of the many educational apps sold in the app store, takes a playful approach to learning the 50 states.  Kids have the ability to touch, move and drop animated states. With every completed level you earn a random state, which you collect on your own personalized map. Once you complete certain levels you can unlock free bonus games giving you four apps in one. Stack the States is the perfect example of an app that’s fun and engaging for kids, while giving parents peace of mind that their child is getting prepared for their upcoming school year.

In addition to a great learning tool, your mobile device can help your family stay organized. The Carpool – School Edition app, specifically designed for carpooling to school, helps parents form groups with identified drivers and passengers. My favorite thing about this app is that not everyone in your carpool actually has to have a Smartphone to view edits or newly made schedules. Members can conveniently view the carpool schedule through their email or Internet browser.

These days there are mobile applications for Smartphones and tablets that can do everything from finding the best deals on school supplies to teaching your child the 50 states.

What specific back-to-school apps are you using? Tell us in the comments.