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Samsung Tablet vs iPad – Who Will Conquer the Mobile Consumer?

As an avid mobile device user, I’ve been struggling with my Samsung tablet for the past 3 months.  While the experience hasn’t been all bad, I found myself just recently saying that I needed to go back to an iPad. In fact the Samsung tablet vs iPad war has been a growing trend, and newer Android devices are further fueling the fire. What I own right now is an “adequate” tablet, with sub-par battery power, [...]

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The Gartner MADP Conundrum

As the enterprise mobile app market continues to expand, so does the choice of mobile application development platforms (MADP).  Since 2012, Gartner includes MADP in its Magic Quadrant research - a culmination of market analysis aiming to provide an overall view of the key competitors in each solution market.  And while The Magic Quadrant may sound like a really cool movie title, it is not.  Rather, it is a riddle that marketers, technology vendors, and solution [...]

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App Versioning 101

Why do you need app versioning? You have a great idea for an app.  You've gone through a long process of evaluating the market and your customers’ needs.  You have spent time and money creating an app and delivering it to market.  But after three months, the number of downloads are going down and more people are starting to dump your app. Almost two thirds are likely to drop it by the 10th use!  Some [...]

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Popcorn Apps…

With some of our customers and at recent trade show events I've been talking about the concept of a "popcorn app".  The idea behind this is that there are things that a company or organization might be able to use an app for, but because of the costs of apps in the current state of development it just doesn't make sense.  The ROI cannot be found to rationalize the process.  I've talked about this so [...]

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‘You built this mobile app by yourself?’ he asked, stunned…

Earlier this week I had a very unique conversation with a friend who owns a regional distribution company.  He’d been thinking about mobile apps for his business and how he might use them to engage his customers, potential customers, and create loyalty.  The challenge, he indicated, is that he really only saw two choices in the market.  First he saw what is commonly known as MEAP vendors.  These vendors provide multi platform support with a [...]

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27% of Americans get their news from mobile devices …

Today I read something about myself that I already knew…that I have started to become completely dependent on my smartphone for news.  In a new report called 2012 State of the News Media by Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism we find that 27% of Americans get their news from mobile devices.  I’m one of those folks, and you probably are too.  There are some other interesting statistics but among those are that [...]

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