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GUEST POST: Peas and Carrots: How File Sharing and Mobile Tech Go Hand in Hand

We live in an age of innovation. New devices and software programs are developed on a daily basis, and as new technologies come into existence, they inspire the creation of even more advanced tools. Mobile technology is a perfect example of this phenomenon. With its versatility and expanse of useful features, mobile technology spurs the continuous progression of technological development as a whole, from verbal communication to file sharing. Mobile Technology and File Sharing When [...]

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GUEST POST: 3 Tips for Engaging Elementary School Students with Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is changing the face of education as we know it-- from educational apps to iPads in the classroom. Although there is a widespread agreement in the academic industry that these devices are important, there is less of a consensus regarding the age at which educators should start introducing children to this technology. On top of determining when the appropriate time is, how to go about the introduction is also uncertain. For instructors in Generation X, this [...]

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GUEST POST: Putting Your Smartphone to Good Use During a Move, from Felicia Baratz

No matter how you slice it, moving is among the most hectic tasks you can undertake. The process is a necessary evil likely to occur more than once in your lifetime, whether you moved with your parents as a child or will soon pack up your own family and head out with professional movers. Whether you’re relocating to a studio apartment across town or your company is opening a new branch across the country, everyone [...]

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GUEST POST: The Healthcare Industry and Mobile

Today's post comes from Felicia Baratz, Writer at Technected.com, a blog that is about all things tech. People use smartphones at work for communicating, at school for organizing notes, in the car to get directions and at the bus stop to play games. In fact, people use their smartphones everywhere except, of course, in the doctor’s office. As soon as you walk in, you’ll inevitably see a big sign telling you to turn off your [...]

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