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David Sawin is Vice President, Product & Marketing for MobileSmith Health. In his position, David helps hospitals rapidly create, deploy, and manage custom apps that transform patient experiences using MobileSmith Health’s enterprise-class mobile app development platform. His product innovations and evolutions help providers by increase revenue, reduce cost, and improve outcomes.

7 Modern Strategies to Improve Medication Adherence

The estimated cost of medication non-adherence is 290 billion dollars per year in the United States alone, according to a report by CVS Health. Keeping patients healthy when on prescription medication can be challenging when non-adherence is at play, and there really is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, there are some strategies have been shown to help address underlying factors, like forgetting to refill prescriptions to other factors like cost. In this blog, I'll break [...]

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9 Practical Ways to Improve Health Literacy Among Patients

How can patients make the best decision possible when a situation arises? Health literacy, or having the right information top-of mind is the place to start. According to a NAAL study  35 percent of all patients have basic or below basic health literacy, which equates to about 77 million U.S. adults. To help address patient literacy problems over time, here are nine effective techniques that you can implement: 1. Make information more readily [...]

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Good News / Bad News

I really appreciated the recent post in mHealthIntelligence about the Top 10 Healthcare Apps for Hospitals.   Having been in the Hospital Apps business for 5 years, it is really GOOD NEWS to see that Meaningful Use guidelines have been a driving force toward consumerization of healthcare.  Two years ago when Strategy and Business published the article What Consumers Most Want from Health Insurers’ Technology, many of the app features were deceptively simple – obvious that consumers would want it, [...]

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Nobody knew that health care (apps) could be so complicated…

Apologies to President Trump for the paraphrase, but it's true--apps are hard.The ideas are easy enough—everyone can come up with more than a few ways smartphones can make healthcare better. For my next outpatient visit, for instance, I’d like to check in remotely and be guided to the clinic as easily as I request an Uber and fly through TSA Pre-check on a business trip. Recovery would be faster and better if an app reminded me to [...]

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