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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 1-20-15 – How Mobile Apps Can Reduce Readmissions

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE HEALTH: How Mobile Apps Can Reduce Readmissions In today’s healthcare industry, the majority of hospitals can ill afford anymore financial woes, with readmission penalties wreaking havoc for nearly half of all U.S. hospitals. In a frantic search for solutions, several hospitals are using mobile apps to foster successful patient outcomes. How exactly can mobile apps reduce these readmissions? Get the FREE Whitepaper! ->  MOBILE ENTERPRISE: Four Critical Reasons to Build Enterprise Apps The [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 1-6-15 – 5 Mobile Resolutions for Your Apps in 2015

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE TIPS: 5 New Year's Mobile Resolutions for Your Apps in 2015 The ringing in of 2015 is also ushering a truly mobile-first era in today’s business world. In this dynamic mobile environment, businesses are scrambling to keep up with best practices and deliver the best experience for their consumer. What mobile resolutions can help keep your business ahead of the curve? Read More -> MOBILE HEALTH: 5 Digital Health Trends You'll See [...]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Mobile Apps in 2015

Ahh the new year! The time when the gyms are packed, cigarettes meet the trash can and everyone and their mother is on a diet. As new resolutions are spoken and broken to begin 2015, we’re entering critical time in the mobile business world. This new year, more than any before, ushers in a truly mobile-first era. All too often, we see long-standing brands and businesses become casualties of this mobile shift, yet enterprises can [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 12-16-14 – UCLA Health’s App Earns Web Health Award

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE NEWS: UCLA Health App Built With MobileSmith Earns Web Health Award The elite in health care are reaping in the app spotlight with MobileSmith as UCLA Health's app earned a Web Health Bronze Award. One of the top five health systems in the nation according to U.S. News, this is the first award for the hospital’s new app. How did the UCLA Health app take home the hardware?  Read More -> MOBILE [...]

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5 App Store Submission Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Rejection

Many a developer has poured their blood, sweat and time into honing their precious mobile app project into perfection, only to get a vicious NBA-style rejection from the app stores. All that hard work and dedication, struck down by the nit-pickiness of the mobile giants. It’s an incredibly frustrating, yet all-to-familiar scenario for today’s developers, and one that can turn an app brimming with potential, into a mobile nightmare. App store optimization is a blossoming [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 12-9-14 – 5 App Submission Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Rejection

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE TIPS: 5 App Submission Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Rejection Getting an app into the stores is one of the most overlooked, and very frustrating stages of mobile app development. The rules set forth by the mobile giants, Apple and Google, can present a significant obstacle to businesses trying to reach their mobile consumers. What tactics can ensure that your app gets where it needs to be? Read More -> MOBILE [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 12-2-14 – MobileSmith Delivers a Private Cloud Appliance – MobileSmith Pod

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE NEWS: MobileSmith Delivers a Private Cloud Appliance - MobileSmith Pod The power of the MobileSmith platform is now available as a private cloud appliance, with last week’s release of MobileSmith Pod. The ability to now place the platform behind internal firewalls and connect directiy to backend data sources are two of the ways MobileSmith Pod delivers a higher level of control over their apps. How will MobileSmith Pod enhance your app [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 11-25-14 – Mobile Apps or Mobile Web: Hospitals’ mHealth Dilemma

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile App or Mobile Web- The Hospitals mHealth Dilemma Hospitals have found themselves at a crossroads in healthcare today, as the mobile wave is sweeping through the industry. While the staying power of mobile is clear, the question for hospitals is what works best for them, a mobile app or a mobile website? With a plethora of vital factors for hospitals to consider, the answer isn't as simple as it [...]

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Mobile App or Mobile Web – the Hospitals’ mHealth Dilemma

Many hospitals today find themselves stuck at a crossroads - whether to invest in a mobile app or mobile web? With no proven path to mHealth success, many just don’t know where to place that first step. Do we simply convert our website to mobile, or do we go through the costly process of building an app? With a mountain of factors to consider, from money to connectivity and most importantly, meeting the needs of [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 11-18-14 – Freeman Health Launches First Mobile App With MobileSmith

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE HEALTH: Freeman Health Launches First Mobile App with MobileSmith Freeman Health has become the latest health system to enhance patient service, using the MobileSmith platform to release their mobile resource, Freeman Everywhere. Streaming ER wait times and a full physician directory are just a couple of the tools that Freeman Everywhere delivers to a nearly 500,000 strong patient base. What’s the most impressive aspect of Freeman’s mobile efforts? Read More > [...]

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