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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 3-17-2015 – Building Wayfinding Apps Quickly and Cheaply

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE WAYFINDING: How to Build a Wayfinding App Quickly, For Less Money Mobile wayfinding has proven a boon for many businesses looking to find new, more cost-efficient ways to direct users to their destinations. Bringing this experience to mobile can provide a great means of engaging users as well as helping them get from A to B. How can businesses deliver mobile wayfinding on the cheap? Read More -> Want to build [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 3-10-2015 – Saving Doctors’ Time and Patients’ Lives with Physician Facing Apps

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE HEALTH: Physician Facing Hospital Apps Save Doctors' Time and Patients' Lives For healthcare providers, time is a precious resource. With the surge in mobile, hospitals can now easily create tools to facilitate more efficient time management and more successful outcomes, in the form of Physician facing hospital apps. How do these apps foster physician and patient satisfaction? Read More -> MOBILE TRENDS: Phablets Leading the Mobile Growth Charge Bridging the gap between [...]

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Physician-Facing Apps Can Save Doctors’ Time, Improve Patient Care

In today’s hospitals, saving a few minutes can easily mean saving a life. In a chaotic, understaffed, hospital environment, doctors and nurses are scrambling to deliver the necessary care to patients.  To combat this, many healthcare professionals are turning to a very common tool; their smartphones. More than 80 percent of doctors use mobile apps or view medical content on their phones for work. Why do they? Well, not only do they reap the patient [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 3-3-15 – Building a Cost-Effective Mobile Wayfinding App

This  Week's Top News: FREE WEBINAR: Building a Cost-Effective Mobile Wayfinding App Providing essential resources for your customers is the best way to ensure success, as well as engagement. Enabling easier navigation through mobile wayfinding is a great way to provide such a resource. Join us for our FREE webinar on Wednesday, March 25 from 1:00-1:30PM EST, and learn how you can provide a cost-effective mobile wayfinding app. Sign Up Today! -> MOBILE HEALTH: Mobile Tech Spurring Disease [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 2-24-15 – App Versioning with MADPs: How to Save Your Enterprise Time and Money

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE STRATEGY: App Upgrades with MADPs: How to Save Your Enterprise Time and Money Less than 1/5 of all app users will open an app more than twice, creating a premium on user smartphone space. Continual upgrading of the app is essential to maintain a fresh experience for the user, yet custom development can get ridiculously expensive. What is the enterprise solution to keep their app sticky? Read More -> MOBILE HEALTH: 5 [...]

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App Upgrades with an MADP: How to Save Your Enterprise Time and Money

For enterprises who have pumped thousands of dollars into an app, that space on your customers' smartphones is truly precious. The trouble is that users get bored of apps very quickly. Only 16% of mobile users will try an app more than twice. If you’re trying to maintain the attention span and keep your app out of the mobile trash can, it’s important to spice it up and avoid becoming stale in your users’ eyes. [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 2-17-15 – Sarasota Memorial App Aims to Ease Hospital Wayfinding

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE NEWS: Sarasota Memorial App Aims to Ease Hospital Wayfinding with Beacons Hospitals can be be tricky places to get around, with a labyrinth of hallways and staircases, a daunting task in what, for many, is already a daunting place. Recognizing this, Sarasota Memorial Health system launched an innovative new app to help their patients and visitors easily find their way around the campus. How does the Sarasota Memorial app work? Read [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 2-10-15 – 5 Mobile Testing Tips to Ensure a Sticky App

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE TESTING: 5 Mobile Testing Tips to Ensure a Sticky App While apps continue to dominate the average smartphone, a recent study revealed that a single bug in a app will cause nearly half of the users to immediately delete it. Forrester’s overview on mobile app testing showed many developers are not putting in the testing effort they need to ensure a bug-free app. What are the mobile testing practices will keep [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 2-3-15 – An App a Day: Time-to-Market in Mobile Strategy

This  Week's Top News: FREE WEBINAR: An App a Day: Time-to-Market in Hospital Mobile Strategy Every hospital would love to have a portfolio of great apps, yet the development costs and time commitments can be serious obstacles. They don't have to be. Attend our FREE Webinar, on Wednesday, February 18, from 1:00-1:30PM EST, and learn how other hospitals have achieved their mobile goals in a matter of days. Sign Up Today! ->  MOBILE MARKETING: 11 Things to Know About Mobile Marketing The [...]

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Weekly Mobile Scoop – 1-27-15 – How MADPs Help Marketers Fire Up App Development

This  Week's Top News: MOBILE TIPS: How MADPs Help Marketers Fire Up App Development In today’s business world, mobile apps have provided a superior means of customer engagement, yet app development budgets remain thin. With MADPs marketers find themselves in a unique position to easily meet the mobile needs of their consumers. How can CMOs take control of their mobile app strategy? Read More ->  MOBILE MARKETING: The Mobile Game is On For Every Brand Televisions today have been [...]

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