digital stratgies attract more patientsAs a healthcare marketer, attracting patients is a task that’s easier said than done.  Executing successful campaigns is one thing, but do you have a modern strategy to compete? Only one in four hospitals have a documented content marketing strategy according to Healthcare Insight.

Many like Rafael Lugo, a general surgeon from Houston,  say digital marketing is no longer optional for hospitals looking to attract more patients.  Considering the progress being made in other industries, it’s a no-brainer you should publish high quality content, but it’s actually finding and targeting patients on devices that might be the challenge.

To set your brand apart and build loyalty, there are a few strategies that you should be aware of:

Your Hospital Marketing Roadmap

A UBM study found that nearly half of all hospitals spend about 25 percent of their marketing budgets on digital.  With patients spending time across a variety of platforms, here are four major points of consideration to make sure you are getting the most out of your marketing budget:

  • SEO: Research suggests 77 percent of consumers are using search engines to research care options.  How discoverable is your hospital or healthcare system on the web? Blogging regularly and creating well optimized landing pages can go a long way and is a strategy often overlooked.
  • PPC:  About 60 percent of visitors will click through to your site for relevant healthcare information, assuming the content is relevant, according to Healthcare Success. For more information on writing compelling ads to attract patients, check out these 11 tips for writing effective search ads.
  • Social Media:  A survey from Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group found 41 percent of people admit social media affects their choice of a doctor, hospital, or medical practice.  But let’s face it – there is a lot of noise out there.  Are you telling a story using images, or creating compelling posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkeIn? Take a page from these 7 hospitals that are cutting through that noise on social.
  • Mobile Apps: From push messaging to wayfinding, mobile is one of the more modern and most effective ways to reach patients.  Apps are also being created to replace outdated processes like physician referrals, or pre-op instructions.  Check out these hospital app Blueprints focused on making app creation quick and easy for healthcare marketers.

From mothers sharing that cool new pregnancy app with friends – to physicians prescribing pre-op apps,  branded mobile apps are getting patients talking.  This commercial by Inspira is a great example of how apps are becoming a must-have for patients in their health network.

12 Hospital Apps for Quick ROI

Reaching New Patients on Mobile

Speaking of mobile devices – Pew Research estimates that 62 percent of smartphone users have used them within the past year to research a health condition. Many hospitals have a less-than-exciting app experience – and if you work in marketing or PR, you can likely relate.   Accenture reports that only 11 percent of providers offer apps that have functions consumers want most.  We are also finding many healthcare systems are beginning to understand the importance of deploying mobile apps across multiple service lines, but often don’t know where to route these requests.

With MobileSmith, hospitals across the nation are quickly adding mobile apps to their digital marketing strategy in order to win over prospective patients. And by being code-free, MobileSmith enables not only marketers – but IT departments and administrators to start creating consumer-quality mobile apps within weeks.

For more information on getting started, request a demo today.