MADP and MobileSmith appFor enterprises who have pumped thousands of dollars into an app, that space on your customers’ smartphones is truly precious. The trouble is that users get bored of apps very quickly. Only 16% of mobile users will try an app more than twice.

If you’re trying to maintain the attention span and keep your app out of the mobile trash can, it’s important to spice it up and avoid becoming stale in your users’ eyes. But you’ve already put months of time and heaps of money into the app, how can you afford to do it all again? Where custom development would almost require starting from scratch, mobile app development platforms (MADP) do not. Using our own newly upgraded MobileSmith app as an example, we can show you how to keep your app fresh and on your user’s phones without bankrupting your company.

Knowing Customers’ Minds is the Key to the App Throne

The key to any upgrade is to know what your customers are looking at and how they are using the app. Over ¼ of consumers will use a branded app as a starting point for their mobile research, so you need to do yours. Connecting mobile analytics to your app is one of the more effective ways to get this data. With our app, we noticed that while our content was getting a great deal of attention, we could stand to make navigation a little easier. Given this information, we dove back into our awesome MADP and fine-tune the necessary areas.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

In addition to a brand new design, and fresh, compelling content (the two easiest ways to keep your app en vogue), we found that switching from a bottom tab menu to a fly menu would make navigation easier, while freeing up space for a less cluttered user interface. Further, it gave us the ability to comprehensively detail our company and services, and answer more of our customers’ questions, providing more resources without sacrificing that all-important user experience.

Can’t Crack the Code? Get Rid of It

Now you may be wondering how all of this will help your enterprise save money. Well, let’s just put it this way. The new MobileSmith app was designed and upgraded in a single location, our MADP, by a graphic designer in marketing with no programming skills, in a matter of two weeks. That includes the time we sent the app to various phones around the office to test it. Of course you can accomplish an upgrade with custom development, but you’re much more likely to see a birthday pass during the process. And real device testing isn’t usually included.

Don’t Get Mad, Get MADP!

MADPs are more like a ‘one-stop shop’ for development and that is how the enterprise will get the edge. We live in a world of instant gratification and expectation of immediate result. With enterprise apps becoming a very lucrative trade, businesses simply cannot afford to wait weeks and dump more money into one mobile project. Yet, versioning the app is an essential step to maintain that precious phone space. As an enterprise you need to create and recreate cutting-edge resources without spending more than the GDP of a third-world country to do it. This can be very daunting, but before you start wig-shopping due to all that hair you’re pulling out, consider that an MADP may be the solution for your mobile problems. Download our new and improved MobileSmith app to learn more!