App Marketing Strategies To Keep You AfloatThe mobile app deluge has seen millions of apps flooding both the iTunes and Google Play stores, with hundreds of new apps pouring in every day. In such a virtually uncharted mobile sea, and app search functions still in their infancy, it has become very easy for apps to simply get lost, nearly invisible to potential users. In fact Apple suggests that, of their more than 1.2 million apps, nearly 80 percent are classified as ‘zombie apps’, apps that have not received any measurable attention or ranking on the Apple’s top lists. Over 950,000 apps have received this moniker of doom, and with an average of 60,000 new apps in stores every month, businesses and developers who do not create a solid app marketing plan are just adding to these mobile dead. These app marketing strategies can help keep your app afloat, and navigate to the top of the mobile stores.

1. Find Your Target Audience

If you haven’t identified the ideal user for your app, it will be drowned long before it ever hits the app stores. This should be one of the first things done, way back when you first start designing, and should be revisited throughout the process. Focus on a smaller audience and providing tools that these specific users will need. Delivering for one set demographic will also give you a better chance of ranking on at least one of the thousands of app ranking lists in the app stores.

2.  Social Media is a Must

This is one of the best ways to expand your user base. With over 4.2 billion people accessing social media via mobile, there are few better ways to reach people about your app. Building a following on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and engaging your followers with app updates, general news and findings from around your app’s area of focus, will help you build momentum prior to your app’s release in the stores. Connecting your app to social media will also help spread the word around and drive your downloads.

3. Make Your App an Award-Winner

Mobile awards programs run throughout the year, and there are few ways better to reach your niche audience than being able to call your app an award-winning mobile solution in that area. With many of these shows having multiple mobile app categories and free publicity for the winners, there are plenty of reasonably-priced opportunities to ramp up the PR for your app with some awards.

4. Get Your App in the News

The most viral mobile apps are the ones that find ways to get coverage. Industry influencers and bloggers can give your app a huge boost if they like your app enough to write about it. However, it requires some tact to persuade them to do so. In addition to your press releases, work to establish relationships with any relevant bloggers in your app’s targeted industry and submit your app to the many app review sites. Even one positive review can give your app a surge in downloads.

5. Work to Retain Your Users

As hard as it is to gain a significant user base, retaining those users is even harder. Nearly 95 percent of apps are deleted from users’ phones after just one month, so app creators need to market apps to their current users, just as much as to potential new users. Delivering an exceptional UX/UI design for your users, and incorporating any kind of giveaway or relevant push notifications can do wonders to keep your app on your user’s phones.

Quality App Marketing Strategies are Useless Without Quality Apps

This should go without saying, but all these app marketing strategies are moot without an exceptional app experience to go with it. Testing, user interactivity and continuous updates and app versioning are just important for the success of your app and related marketing campaigns. In order to get the great reviews and win mobile awards to gain visibility in the app stores, the app needs to be stellar. With our simple yet powerful app development platform MobileSmith enables the UX/UI capabilities and OTA testing to help you deliver an amazing mobile user experience on both Android and iOS devices, and use the cost savings to market your app into the spotlight.