In our latest release, we have included official support for Android 8.x operating system.  This includes fixing a proximity display issue when using a Flex List of Locations.  If you want this fix to be included in your build, you will need to do a new submission to the stores.

Please note that we now officially support Android 7.x and 8.x.  During our testing, we noticed that Android 6.x continues to work but is no longer fully optimized.

We also rolled out enhanced analytics. On Flex and REST Detail and 1 item page, you will now be able to track the actions taken on that page.  What numbers were tapped to be called, emails selected to be emailed, locations selected for directions and web links tapped to be viewed.  A new submission to the stores is required to begin to see these new analytics.

With a new build to the stores, as people download the app, you will be able to go into Google Analytics and look at Behavior > Events > Overview to see numbers, emails, web links and emails selected on the detail pages.  If you are using Flurry analytics, you will need ensure the app is selected, and have the correct date range then navigate to Events > Event Summary > Event Details > Event Logs > Page view and then content.

For more information on how to view this new analytics information, visit the following pages on our support site:


If you would like for us to do the submission on your behalf, please notify your client success representative.