healthcare marketing strategyDoes your healthcare marketing strategy that needs a face lift?  If you are looking to modernize your marketing plan, mobile apps are one of the most effective ways to promote content.  One benefit is that the mobile health market (or mHealth) is a multi-billion dollar industry, and is projected to reach nearly 20 billion dollars globally in 2016, and close to 60 billion by 2020, according to Statista.

With so many wearables, the growing IoT market, and other advances in technology, it may be difficult to prioritize what to offer, or what to think about offering.  Where’s a good place to start? – branded mobile apps.  With an estimated 69 percent of Americans already owning smartphones, here are 3 practical app ideas to revitalize your healthcare marketing strategy:

1.  Provide Apps for Clinicians

Not only can mobile apps benefit patients, they also have the potential to make life easier for clinicians.  Nearly 20 million times every year according to Kyruus, patients are sent to doctors that aren’t the right match for their specific condition, the leading cause for misdirected referrals.  A physician referral app is a quick way to view a comprehensive list of specialists in a certain area and make referrals a lot easier.

2.  Use Beacons for Wayfinding

Patients want an easy, stress free experience while at your facility – From navigating parking garages to checking in at the front desk.  For a typical 600-bed hospital, wayfinding interruptions costs a hospital this size nearly $220,000 per year.  For indoor wayfinding, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are inexpensive, and can assist users navigating hallways and other indoor areas.  For outdoor wayfinding, geofencing technology can be used.

3.  Medication Tracking Appsmedication adherence apps

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, up to 69 percent of all medication-related readmissions are due to the lack of medication adherence, representing $100 billion per year.  Branded medication adherence apps are a great for reminding patients to take their medications.

Patients can:

  • Add medications, including photos and remaining quantities.
  • Add alerts for scheduled appointments and when they need to take medications.
  • Enter appointment details, doctor’s notes, and log symptoms.

Have an idea for a killer mobile app that could benefit patient groups or make internal processes easier?  MobileSmith makes it easy for Line of Business and IT professionals to create professional, branded mobile apps for almost any use case without coding being a requirement.  Have an innovative app idea, or questions about how to utilize data? Let us know!


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