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Headquartered in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina – one of America’s 10 fastest growing cities

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  • We are changing healthcare one app at a time by targeting the glaring inefficiencies in the American healthcare delivery model.

  • We help our clients improve health outcomes, patient satisfaction and grow profit margins using our toolbox of proven mobile app technologies.

  • We’ve targeted select patient segments that struggle with areas like medication adherence, discharge instruction compliance, and health literacy, and provide new innovative digital patient experiences like indoor navigation and clinic “check-ins” that directly improve critical patient satisfaction.

  • We are helping our clients meet their healthcare consumers where they are, on their mobile devices, to extend the reach of providers to modify behavior with apps that remind, educate, track, and engage the patients that use them.

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Used in 200+ Hospitals

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Founded in 2013

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Randy Tomlin
Jerry Lepore
Ray Hemmig
Robert L. Smith
Ronen Shviki
Amir Elbaz

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