Build Apps for the iPad Now - Gain a Competitive AdvantageBecause of its popularity and wide-reaching audience, more businesses and brands are scrambling to build apps for the iPad to reach their target audiences.

Part of this draw towards building custom, native apps for the iPad is a direct result of the growth and reach that the iPad has had within the mobile marketplace. This is best illustrated by simply looking at the numbers over the years – It took Apple more than two decades to sell 50+ million Macs. It took them five years to sell the same amount in iPods… However, it only took Apple 7 quarters to sell 55 million iPads – something that has caused Apple execs to sit up a little straighter, leading people to take notice of a tablet that is breaking barriers and changing how the world interacts with technology.

Tablets are Replacing PCs; The Time is Now Build Apps for the iPad

The iPad is widely distributed and has become ubiquitous in countries around the world. And as a device that many people are already familiar with, more brands are recognizing the value in creating custom native apps that appeal to its millions of growing users.

As Apple CEO, Tim Cook, recently noted:

From my own personal behavior, it became obvious quickly that 80-90% of my consumption and work was done on the iPad. From the day it shipped, we believed the tablet market would become larger than the PC market, and I feel it stronger today than I did then.

4 Benefits for Brands to Build and Launch Custom Native iPad Apps

Why build for iPad?

Increasingly, more customers are using iPads for everything from gaming to eCommerce, and business to financial management. More importantly, they are spending increasing amounts of time in their smartphone and tablet apps.  Tablet adoption is skyrocketing among senior executives, 65% of whom use their tablets to shop.  Another interesting data point: tablet owners tend to spend more on apps – tablet and smartphone alike.  So, if you want to reach your target buyers and drive revenue, you need to place your brand where it will get noticed.  Although Android tablets are catching up quickly, right now, iPad is where it’s at.

Why build your own apps for iPad?

Building your own mobile apps for the iPad puts you in the driver’s seat, giving you the ability to create a unique value proposition, targeted at your specific, niche audience. It also permits you to create a custom set of functions, geared at actualizing a unique user experience based on feedback you receive from those who have actually used your app. Better still, with MobileSmith’s streamlined app versioning workflow, you can make changes and upgrades to your custom native app at any time without any additional cost.

Why build native apps for iPad?

One look at the numbers, and there is no reason why your brand shouldn’t have its own native apps for the iPad. Currently, there are more than 50 million iPad owners, approximately 700,000 apps designed for iOS and around 300k+ native apps designed specifically for the iPad. And according to ABI Research, it is estimated that Apple’s iOS will account for 75% out of the total number of apps downloaded on tablets, establishing the iPad as the clear winner in the war on native app use so far.

Why build custom apps for iPad?

The sheer popularity of the iPad and the proliferation of the so-called ‘garden variety’ iPad apps means that brands will have to work harder to build custom apps for the iPad that stand out from the competition.

Most notably, having a streamlined apps user interface and functionality allows brands to offer truly useful, customized apps for the iPad – something which may not be possible when relying on template-based apps.

The Efficiency of Custom Native Apps for the iPad

Most of the appeal behind the popularity of the iPad rests in its native apps; and there are TONS to select from. Users can take advantage of native apps that store data in the cloud, removing the need to carry anything else with them except for their iPad.

Native apps on iPads are also popular because they are scalable and can be customized to enhance user experiences. For example, MobileSmith allows anyone with a great idea for a mobile app to build a custom native app for the iPad (or Smartphones) without having to know a single thing about coding. Besides this, MobileSmith’s custom apps are built quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost – all while putting the creative control of the mobile app directly in the creator’s hands. Create, edit, and build apps for the iPad; and then make as many updates as you need to further enhance user usability and customer retention.

The Continued Impact of the iPad and Native Apps

To the regular consumer, owning an iPad may be a great way to go grocery shopping, play games or watch movies while you’re waiting at an airport. However, to marketers, it is much more. Consider the following:

In April 2013, Onswipe reported that iPads were dominating the mobile web market at 54.5% of all traffic.

Adding to the general appeal of the iPad is its clean interface, seamless user experience and beautiful display. Combine this with tactile responsiveness and engagement, and it’s not hard to see why so many companies, business people and educators have jumped on board to issue employees and students their own iPads.

The bottom line is this: Mobile apps for iPad impact the bottom line. And as more people turn away from their PCs to pick up their iPads, marketers are tasked with employing compelling mobile app strategies that will both attract and retain iPad users now and in the future.

The future is here, and the time to build apps for the iPad is NOW.  MobileSmith can provide you with the springboard to take you from ideation to application.