4 Easy Tips to Increase Brand Awareness with Mobile AppsMost customers will use only 5 apps heavily each day, and likely won’t even bother to download your branded app. After spending anywhere from $30,000 to $500,000 on your beautiful new app, can your organization afford to stay on the sidelines of your customers’ mobile experience?

To seize a share of your customers’ mobile attention, you have to be resourceful and nimble in your app strategy. Whether you manage to borrow the mobile moments from popular apps like Facebook or Snapchat, or come up with a totally unique and indispensable function – the key is make your app relevant and useful. Brands that figure out how to create such experiences are more likely to win the mobile race.

Here are 4 easy tips to increase brand awareness using mobile apps:

1.  Identify Your Customers’ Mobile Moments

Forrester defines a mobile moment as “the point in time and space when a consumer reaches for their phone to get what they need immediately”. An average smartphone user has 150 to 200 mobile moments per day.

Brainstorm:  what functions would be helpful for consumers to use repeatedly, on the move, from the palm of their hand?

For hospitals, this may be including wait times or interactive trackers, or a directory of physicians. Or, you can add helpful wayfinding tips for your patients when they are navigating your facility.

2.  Create Multiple Apps for your BrandUCLA Apps

To increase brand awareness, consider launching multiple apps serving particular target audiences.  An app for your urgent care center, an app for your wellness program, kid’s health app, etc. – all under your trusted brand name.

Creating multiple branded apps is easy with MobileSmith – without the need for mobile developers to make changes or updates.

3.  Push Helpful Content

According to Kahuna research, using push notifications to deliver content increased app retention rates by as much as 180 percent over 90 days.

Send relevant content to users as part of your mobile marketing strategy to help increase customer engagement. A few ideas that you can easily add to your app are:

  • Event announcements
  • Appointment and medication reminders
  • Health and wellness tips

4.  Make Your Mobile App Stand Out

20 percent of all apps are used only once, so making your app easy to use is crucial. Things that make your app stand out:

  • Relevant app store description and a stunning icon
  • Eye-catching UI design
  • Easy navigation
  • Useful interactive functions
  • Superior performance – go with native apps!

Ready to Get Started?

Brands have created powerful native apps with the MobileSmith platform, and are winning awards. Creating branded apps with no coding experience required is easy and cost effective with MobileSmith’s Mobile Application Development Platform.


eBook:  Hospital Branding With Mobile Apps