mobile enterpriseWish you could bring enterprise apps to employees? Chances are, this is an ongoing project OR you have at least heard about how the mobile enterprise market is aiming to increase employee productivity.  Based on a recent  Apperian report, 35 percent of enterprise leaders surveyed are using enterprise app stores in 2016, up 12 percent from 2015.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large company, research is showing that complexity and confusion are likely present in your overall enterprise app gameplan.  Here’s 3 revealing stats to shine light on the current situation:

The Multi-App Strategy

  • 57 percent of  enterprise leaders embracing mobile are providing anywhere from 2 to 10 apps for employees.

Gone are the days of building a one-size-fits-all mobile application to handle all of your business needs.  87 percent of enterprise leaders surveyed say they plan to expand their portfolio of apps over the next year.  Why the push for more apps? Companies need to mobilize workers in a variety of positions within an organization – requiring unique experiences and custom apps at each level.

Enterprise App Stores are Taking Off

 35 percent of enterprises are using internal app stores, up 12 percent from 2015.

More and more companies are jumping on board with providing enterprise applications to employees, and if you’re thinking about distributing apps within a secure environment, here’s why enterprise app distribution is crucial:

If employees leave a company, get fired, or need to be restricted from accessing corporate data, IT managers can wipe corporate data from a user’s personal phone, without affecting any personal data.  Here’s how they differ from consumer app stores like the App Store or Google Play store:

  • iOS and Android stores can be cluttered – users might download 10 different apps, from 10 different trusted (or not-so-trusted) developers.
  • Enterprise app stores are well structured, much like other IT systems and platforms integrated within your organization.

App Dev Hurdles Still Pose a Problem

  • Nearly half of all respondents say complexities in the mobile landscape are major barriers.

Developing mobile apps for iOS, Android, or both? This development hurdle is prevalent not only within enterprises, but at the consumer level as well.  Native apps provide a rich user experience, but development can be costly – considering it can take 7 months to a year for development teams to complete one app, according to Kinvey.

MobileSmith offers a powerful mobile app development platform that produces consumer quality mobile apps with enterprise-grade back-end integration for both iOS and Android.  The best part is that we’re code free, which means anyone can develop and release apps quickly using talent they already have – and for a fraction of the cost.

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