increase patient loyaltyPatients are becoming increasingly mobile, but is your healthcare brand doing enough to increase patient loyalty in a mobile world?  According to Google, 44 percent of patients are using mobile devices to discover hospitals, and with so many competing healthcare brands, loyalty is a major challenge outside of getting discovered.  One way to differentiate is to provide tools patients can use throughout the different stages of their life.  Here’s three tips to increase patient loyalty with mHealth apps specific to your patient’s needs:

1.  Develop a Clear Strategy for Mobile

There are already more than 165,000 mHealth apps available to download, many making the same first impression to users browsing the app stores – skepticism.  Instead of spending thousands on a single idea, find out from clinicians what patients would love to be able to access from their smartphones.  A creative way to stand out is to offer branded apps that accomplish simple tasks, and to think about your mobile strategy differently than you would your web strategy.

2.  Provide Simple mHealth Tools

mHealth functionsAccording to a recent McKinsey report, highly innovative services or applications are not actually what patients are seeking – easy to use technology that makes life easier is what is most wanted.  A few simple functions that providers are beginning to include in mobile apps are:

  • Ability to schedule appointments
  • Live, streaming wait times
  • Ability to find a doctor
  • Physician referral capabilities
  • Medication tracking

3.  Respond to Feedback, be AGILE

Why should you create mobile health apps when there are already so many out there?  The reality is that many apps simply don’t get updated and go unused, despite the overwhelming cost of hiring mobile developers to get apps to market.  By using an agile methodology, changes can be made on-the-fly, making it easy to respond to patient groups as their needs change over time.

The MobileSmith platform helps healthcare brands increase patient loyalty by engaging in a more direct way, making it easy to offer mobile apps patients are asking for.  App ideas can be brought to life in a matter of days using a simple drag-and-drop canvas with no development experience necessary.   For more information on what’s possible, Request a Demo to learn more.