citizen engagementIf you manage digital strategy for a federal agency or any government organization and are scrambling to promote citizen engagement and turnout – look no further than mobile apps.  According to Flurry, mobile app usage grew 58 percent in 2015, with cities like Boston being first to release a mobile app to citizens in the community.  From sending out voting reminders to providing crime-reporting tools, here are just a few mobile strategies to drive engagement among citizens:

1. Encourage Involvement, Push the Message

Push notification open rates are found to be as high as 80 percent according to Kahuna, and area great way to put your message in front of community members.  With native mobile apps, push notifications make it possible to spread the word about anything from special events like elections to other events like fundraisers and health fairs.

2.  Use Apps to Make Events Unforgettable

event appsFor conferences, job fairs, or other events, mobile apps promoting an event is a great way to foster engagement and keep attendees informed.  56 percent of event attendees are expected to use an event app in 2016, compared to 44 percent in 2015, according to Crowd Compass.  Utilizing mobile apps for an annual event, for example, is a great way to leave a lasting impression on attendees and make it easy for them to take advantage of opportunities.

With an event app, a few ideas to include are:

  • Event agendas
  • Booth maps
  • Social media functions
  • Push notifications for important announcements
  • Interactive contests using beacons!

3.  Use Beacons to Send Your Message

For proximity-based messaging, beacons are a simple way to send promotional messages, special offers, even directions to smartphone users that pass within a 50 meter radius of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon.  The use cases that are possible using beacons are virtually endless, and can also be used in areas like a city plaza.

Using the MobileSmith platform, agencies and other organizations are able to bring their mobile app ideas to citizens extremely quickly without relying on mobile developers. To see how the MobileSmith platform can solve your agencies’ needs, Request a Demo today!