App Development Tricks from MobileSmithBe warned friends, this Halloween, millions of them will be out.  They will be hungrily, mindlessly dragging along. They’re everywhere, no part of the world can avoid them. You are their primary target, and they’re craving hard to find you. The zombies are here.

Now before you go racing to protect your brain meat, realize that these zombies aren’t human, and they pose zero harm to you.  These walking dead take the form of mobile apps, and it is true; there are millions of these wayward apps out in the world today.  These are the apps that don’t get downloaded or used. They just stay out there, buried underneath a mountain of apps in the stores.  They are infected by a lack of discoverability and well over ¾ of all the apps in the stores have fallen victim. Nobody wants their app to meet such a nasty end. So how does your app avoid falling to the zombie app-ocalypse?

We talked about app marketing strategies to keep your app alive in a previous blog. These strategies remain vital for the success of your app, but there are several other app development tricks you can use to avoid app zombification.


One of the main reasons for all these zombie apps is the lack of any true mobile search tool. However, there are many startups and companies pouring millions into solving this problem, and it will all revolve around one thing, deep linking.  The process of connecting to internal content in an app, deep links are very likely to be the future backbone of mobile search, and contribute to the revival of thousands of zombie apps that include them. Deep-linking is not so much a short-term solution, but it will provide some much needed visibility to the lost apps over the longer span.

Design a Doozy

Don’t overlook the aesthetic aspect of your app. In the current mobile scenario, you need a means to catch the users eye just for them to download it, and the app needs to be laid out in an easily intuitive manner, so they don’t delete it from your phone and banish it back to Zombie”App”land. Behind the app store top charts, the top means of app discovery is word of mouth. Nobody would recommend a poorly designed, disorganized app (Except Yo for some reason).  Use the testing phase of development to get feedback on design as well as functionality, and don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board and try again.

Embrace Analytics

Unless you’ve done no marketing whatsoever you’ll likely have several app users. Maybe not the thousands you want, but enough to give you an idea of the positives and negatives of your app.  Just by tracking a few clicks and usage time, you can find out what is appealing about your app, and what is driving users away.  By using this information to find out what your users are looking at, you can version your app into the essential mobile tool for your consumers.

 Turning These App Development Tricks Into a Mobile Treat

While you can’t fully guarantee whether your app will be taken as a trick or a treat by your users, but incorporating these methods with a solid marketing strategy will go far to keep your app amongst the living.  Since this can be a very daunting task, we have tailored our platform to make the whole process easy for any business, hospital or organization, and many have used it to great effect. We’d be happy to show you how we’ve done it. In the meantime, this Halloween, stay alert and keep your little demons close. Because in today’s world of mobile apps, zombies are real. Happy Halloween!