CEO of MobileSmith Health, Chris Caramanico, was a proud speaker at the NC HIMSS Annual Conference: Navigating the Healthcare Roadmap from the Mountains to the Sea. Caramanico covered the evolving nature of technology and patients alike, while also recognizing the need for a shift in the way of thinking when it comes to the high level of burdens providers and patients are dealt with.

During Caramanico’s presentation, he discussed the healthcare industry finally recognizing the need for changes within their market space. COVID-19 expedited any advancements being made by healthcare organizations, and if they weren’t getting on board—then they would be left behind. Aside from healthcare advancing, patients were evolving too, with self-service being present everywhere. As Caramanico explained, one of the most important ways to get up to speed with others in this evolving landscape would be to consider different options for patients to be engaged, traditionally and non-traditionally. When consumers take responsibility for their own health, there are better outcomes for both the organization and the patient.

In order to create a route that encompasses the lessons that healthcare industries learned during the pandemic, care needs to be reorganized to maximize patient involvement, ease clinical burdens, and improve quality outcomes. Just as the tide meets the shore— patients need to be met where they are, and when they are available, so they know what to expect prior to their surgical procedure.

If you missed the MobileSmith Health presentation at the NC HIMSS Annual Conference or want to learn more, view the presentation below.