Mobile App Development is Easy with MobileSmith 3.0:
Create, deploy and manage custom, native apps – no coding!


MobileSmith allows people with a great idea for a mobile app (or 10!) to build them rapidly without writing a line of code. You are now in total control of your mobile app development projects.  Here’s how our Platform works:

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Design and build your Apps in AppCanvas™: 

  • Pick your colors and layout, upload images and graphics
  • Name your pages, select your button types… the function set is vast!
  • Set your tab menus and navigation bars
  • Choose your AppBlocks (prebuilt software code sets) to make your app truly unique
  • Drag and drop, resize, reshape – customize to your needs
  • Add registration, social media feeds, and much more!
  • Configure each AppBlock
  • Preview and test your app prototype on your Smartphone
  • Make changes if needed, test again!
  • Once satisfied, deploy it to Apple and Android app stores

Manage your apps easily in AppOffice™:

  • Publish and market your app
  • Make functional app changes in minutes
  • Update and manage content without resubmitting to the app stores
  • Securely manage with different levels of app administration
  • Create multiple new apps and reuse existing content where needed
  • Connect to your data sources

To start saving cost and time creating your custom apps, contact us today for a demo of our platform.  We would be happy to help you design your first app!