Build, deploy, and manage custom, native iPhone, Android, and iPad apps – no coding required!

MobileSmith allows anyone with a great app idea (or 10!) to build apps for iPad or Smartphones rapidly without writing a line of code.
You are now in total control of your mobile app development projects!
Here’s how our Platform works:

Design and Build Native Apps in AppCanvas™

Native Mobile App Development in WYSIWYG

      • Pick or import your colors, upload custom images
      • Pick layout, name your pages; select buttons; set tabs and navigation bars
      • Drag and drop, resize, reshape – customize to your needs
      • Choose your AppBlocks (prebuilt software code sets)
      • Add user registration, social media feeds, and much more
      • Configure each AppBlock and “build for testing”
      • Send your app prototype over-the-air (OTA) to your device or to your reviewers
      • Test the user experience, make changes if needed, test again!
      • Once satisfied, lock your app into production
      • Deploy your app directly to Apple and Android app stores!

Build Apps for iPad and Smartphones Within the Same Project

Mobile App Development for iPad
      • Build apps natively for iPad without writing a line of code
      • Toggle between Phone and iPad canvases within the same project
      • Give your apps consistent look and feel across platforms
      • Use standard iPad fly-out menu canvas, or create a customized layout
      • Preview your apps in the Platform
      • Build native apps for any or all platforms at once
      • Send apps over-the-air to devices or deploy to app stores

Streamlined App Versioning in your Enterprise App Store

Mobile app development platform with CMS
      • Build and manage multiple native apps
      • Clone apps and reuse successful design and content where needed
      • Once you’re happy with your app, lock it into production
      • View the timeline of app drafts and live apps
      • Experiment and refine your apps – don’t change the live version!
      • Update content in all live versions without forcing users to download the latest

Manage App Development Projects Easily in AppOffice™

Mobile app development platform with CMS
      • Securely manage content in all live app versions
      • Content Publisher: Rich Media, Filtering, Search, Maps, Lists
      • Easily import and layout RSS, XML, and CSV data
      • Schedule and push real-time messages
      • Update and manage content on-the-fly
      • Set role-based access permissions for admins, editors etc.

Platform Extensions: Include Existing Native or HTML5 Code

Mobile App Development Platform Extensions
      • Bridge the gap between “mobile web”  and “fully custom” apps
      • Include existing web functionality via the Web Applet extension (javascript/HTML5)
      • Inject pre-built native code via the Native AppBlock extension (iOS and Android)
      • Easily expose features that continue to work in “airplane mode” when a connection to data is not available

Seamlessly Integrate Apps with your Data Sources

Your apps need up-to-date content and interactive components to remain an engaging and valuable tool for your end users. MobileSmith provides flexible mobile app data integration strategies so you can reliably publish your data as app content without impacting performance.
App development data types

Direct XML Integration

Ideal for: dynamically changing or frequently updated content; e.g. news feeds, inventory, work orders, etc. In most scenarios, this integration will not require two-way communication although two-way communication is supported by the platform.

Data streaming is set up directly between your backend system server and the mobile devices, bypassing the MobileSmith server. MobileSmith provides a simple set of instructions to help you deliver your data in the XML format the apps require. When you assemble your app, the AppBlock intended to interface with your system is configured with a URL that pulls that data from the backend server. Your AppBlock becomes “RSS on steroids” as data is pulled directly into the mobile device and displayed in the app UI according to the data mapping rules you define.

App Development API-Based Integration

API-Based Integration

Ideal for: static or infrequently updated content; e.g. store locations, employee lists, catalogs, etc.

MobileSmith can provide secure and reliable SOAP/REST connectors to your web-based or legacy systems. Our modular adapters will utilize your existing APIs to quickly access and translate your data into the XML format used by our platform. You can configure the MobileSmith CMS to automatically refresh your data at various intervals (daily, weekly, etc.) or you can refresh your content on-demand in MobileSmith AppOffice™ (your cloud-based CMS).

Application Access and Security:

MobileSmith provides various types of application access: Anonymous; App Activation; Registration Required; or User Authentication based on SASL mechanisms.

Contact us today to explore how MobileSmith can enable seamless data integration with your enterprise systems. We strive to give you full control over your data publishing processes so that you can build apps with reliable, flexible, and secure access to your data.

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