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Senior Mobile Health Gold MineHealth Apps for Seniors: Tap into the Gold Mine!

Seniors represent one of the biggest potential markets for health apps, and it’s not hard to see why.  Seniors are a primary focus of the health industry and healthcare spending, yet they are largely untapped as a market for mobile technology.   Read More >

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Making Your Own Mobile Apps - Marketer's GuideMaking Your Own Mobile Apps: A Marketer’s Handbook

Marketers know that mobile apps are built for “stickiness” – that’s why 53% of marketing execs are making mobile apps as part of their customer engagement strategies.  With this easy handbook, marketers can take control over mobile app projects – no programmers involved!  Get the eBook >

How MobileSmith Works

Mobile App Development Platform - Build Native Apps


Create custom native apps for iPhone, Android, and iPad

  • Quickly design custom apps for iPhone, Android, & iPad
  • Save 70% of time at the mockup and prototype stages
  • Send over-the-air to devices; refine the UI/UX at minimum cost

Mobile App Development Platform - Send Apps OTA or Launch to App Stores


Submit to Google Play, App Store, or your Enterprise App Store

  • Accelerate your app submission to Apple and Android stores
  • Lock the live version and continue to reinvent your app
  • Upgrade your apps without disrupting the end user experience

Mobile App Development Platform - Manage Apps from a Secure CMS


Securely manage all your apps from a cloud-based CMS

  • Manage each app via a secure dedicated CMS
  • Push notifications & stream rich content
  • Manage user roles and permissions

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How MobileSmith is Different

Mobile App Development Platform
You Own the Entire Process
  • You are in control of your app – from idea to launch
  • Slash your app development time – launch native apps in days
  • Changes and adjustments are a breeze – no additional cost!

Rapid Prototyping and Development
  • Prototype custom apps in days and send to devices
  • Toggle between iPad and Smartphone canvases
  • Build for any or all platforms at once

Fully Custom and Unique Apps
  • Templates are possible but not necessary
  • Unlimited potential for customization
  • Offer unique value with each app

Native Apps for iOS and Android Devices
  • Build apps for iPad, iPhone, & Android Smartphones
  • Deploy to any or all platforms at once
  • Android tablet canvas coming soon!

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